About Us

Beauty Science Inc’s owner, Esther Ho, is a former investment banker and a Mother of a toddler with a penchant for helping women look good and young. She once tipped the scales at 95 kg but with hard work and perseverance she has managed to transform. With the multiple hats that she wears both in her businesses, work as well as her role as a Mother , It is her ardent wish that with this platform she would like to empower women to look beautiful and confident through the use of fuss free wellness equipments and devices so as to enjoy a home spa experience and enhance beauty.

Facing the physical appearance of you is something you do everyday.

What you choose to do with how you look everyday is directly driven by you.
We devise this proprietary R5 Business Paradigm to influence your exterior presence.
We believe in creating a refined and younger looking you.
Choose to look good and fresh as you present to your bosses, colleagues, business merchants, clients, friends, loved ones…ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

R5 Business Paradigm


We connect with our clients to know them better to help them further.
Our initial interactions establish the aesthetic needs and expectations.


We recalibrate personal aesthetic needs, wants, lifestyle, genetics made-up and skin care regime with available resources.
The most appropriate technology and device in the cosmetology world shall be deployed to clients for consumption.


We map out device utilization along with skin care application routine.
Customized phase cycles of therapeutic treatment charts out usage rate in consideration.
We then define key performance indicators with clients.


We assess the progress of clients’ aesthetic performance against key performance indicators set.
Our robust tracking system facilitates consistent follow-up with clients closely.


We celebrate and delight in joy as our clients achieve their aesthetic objective(s).
Great success to the NEW look our clients have created for themselves!
Continue with your efforts put in to achieve that graceful look!