What causes enlarged pores?

Unsightly big pores?…Here’s what you could do, read more to find out…

What causes large pores?

Typically, people with large pores tend to have oily skin as sebum, dead skin and dirt get clogged up in the pores.
Or it could be part and parcel of the process of aging.
As one age, the skin loses its elasticity and tends to sag, causing pores to enlarge.
Of course, some other causes include dietary, lifestyle and hormonal changes.

Nonetheless, whilst we cannot stop our skin from sagging, we can certainly keep our skin clean, reduce the oiliness and the big pores.

Some ways to prevent large pores includes:


Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells.
In this way, you’ll minimise debris and dead skin from clogging up the pores.
Besides, exfoliation helps you to smooth out your skin texture preventing fine lines from forming.
Dynamic Derma is a great exfoliation tool that comes with vacuum suction to draw in the impurities off the skin.


Use of facial steamer to open up pores and soften the plugs in the pores.
This helps to reduce the dirt, grime and oiliness.
When dirt have been eradicated, pores will naturally be shrunk.
Flora nano-ionic steamer does the job for you.

Radio frequency therapy

Warm up your skin derma layer with radio frequency energy.
Have your skin cells fully rejuvenated as collagen production gets re-generated.
Renewed skin offers you a radiant look with your pores minimized instantly.
Check out Ultra Restore Cell

Hot and cold therapy

Stimulate cell renewal through hot and cold facial therapy.
Read more details on our product page for HotIce Facial Massage.

Electroporation therapy

Keep your skin cells fully nourished to reduce pore sizes.
This electroporation therapy helps to penetrate your skin care products deep into the derma levels at a faster rate.
Experience the strength of Skin Rejuvenate Trios to view the visible impact.

Facial brush cleansing and massage

Constant facial cleansing along with the massage pulsation helps to clean and activate skin cells.
Minimized your pore size with Chic Clenz facial brush now.

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