Christmas Wish List

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This Christmas, we’ve decided to put down our gears and head-sets to contribute more to the community. Never put off till tomorrow for what you can do today. So, start giving while we can….and remember every little bit adds up!

Hence, in every purchase that you’ve made with us :
1. we’ll contribute 20% of the sales proceeds to Singapore Red Cross Society or a charitable organization of your choice*
2. we’ll provide complimentary personalized Christmas gift wrapping service and exclusive tips for face & breasts care
3. we’ll offer discount vouchers, from various corporations & industries, for your retail indulgence

*Beauty Science Inc reserves the right to change or elect the charitable organization. All donations are never refundable.

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Bring a glow to someone’s life this Christmas as you undergo a facial treatment that brings glow to your skin.

Explore our range of time-saving products in our website.
Let us save up more time of yours so that time saved can be spent on feasting and partying with your friends and loved ones!
When you look great, we’ll feel great and happy for you!
May you look the loviest this Christmas!!

Remember, bring a glow that matters this Christmas…

Write to us at “” for any questions that you may have.

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