Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Eye bags refer to eye puffiness just beneath the eyes.

What causes eye bags?


This could be part of aging that contributes to the laxity of skin.
Sagginess give rise to the eye bags.


“By default”, you’ve inherited the genes and features from your family.

Tiredness and sleepiness

Fatigue and lack of sleep enhance the build up of eye bags.
When your body is low in energy, blood circulation is not at its optimum.


Excessive salt consumption could result in the body retaining more fluid than needed, and hence the puffiness below your eyes.

Ways to reduce eye bags

1. Radio Frequency therapy

The warmth from radio frequency energy will encourage thermal heating and collagen production. Stimulation of fibroblast cells continually facilitate collagen production and regeneration at a faster pace. Therefore, it’s a non-invasive treatment to reduce the puffiness below your eyes.

2. Cold therapy

Use of cold therapy – HotIce Facial Massager, to improve the appearance of the eye bags. The coldness tightens up the tissues and skin around the eyes. For sure, this is not the same as using ice cubes which is deemed to be too cold and harsh for your skin.

3. Water intake

Replenish your water intake to flush out toxins and the unhealthy ‘stuff’ in you. However, avoid drinking too much water just before bedtime, as this could aggravate the eye puffiness.

4. Eye creams

Some eye creams do help to minimize the size of eye bags marginally. Start to explore in one. (Let’s not talk about those that shrink the eye bags in minutes and last only a few hours unless you’re there to make a VIP presentation…)

5. Exercise

Incorporate physical activities into your lifestyle. The exercise could be moderate or vigorous intensity. This promotes movements of muscles, blood circulation and energy flow.

6. Rest and good diet

Have adequate rest and eat with a balanced diet. Consume all food in moderation and not over-indulge in your favourite food. Indeed, we can’t defy mother nature but we can certainly live healthily to rid the lethargy in us.

Of course, we don’t rule out a cause for concern.
There could be some underlying medical issues from within.
If you’re feeling unwell and find that something is not right, do consult your family doctor or an eye specialist in this.

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