Milk, Oil, Foam, Gel cleansers…which is better for you?

Oil-based cleansers are generally very commonly used by ladies for the sole purpose of removing make-up.
Indeed, it’s a very useful skin care product to remove make-up particularly when it comes to removing water-proof masacara!
One swipe and it’s all gone! It saves us the hassle to wash our eye make-up numerous times with foam or gel based cleansers!
Hence, it doesn’t strip off the natural oil in your skin but helps to maintain the moisture within it.
Besides, the oil and natural ingredients of the oil-based cleansers help to moisturize skin too!
Clearly, oil-based cleanser is useful for dry skin.
Some good oil-based cleanser to try: Chanel, Shu Uemura, Lancome, Loreal

Having an oil-based cleanser could be too oily to leave behind some residue which may potentially clog up your pores.
So using a foam cleanser will effectively helps to clear away dirt, make-up residue and oiliness.
Efficiently, it dislodges impurities in your pores.
Still, some foam cleanser can be too harsh for dry skin.
Do try out a few different brands till you find the right one suitable for your skin.
Some good foam-based cleansers to try: Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Lancome, Loreal

Gel cleanser comes in useful when you need a quick rinse (say after lunch when you’re back to the office)
This is a beneficial cleanser for someone with sensitive to normal skin.
Or even for someone who hardly put on make-up…as the gel is light in texture,
which will not be too harsh for your skin.
Some good gel-based cleansers to try: Lancome, Clinique, Loreal, Avene

Cleansing milk is an oil-in-water emulsion.
Lactic Acid in milk works on the surface of your skin, cleanses skin effectively removing dirt, impurities and excess oil.
So when it comes in contact with skin, the natural AHAs in milk will help remove dead skin cells revealing fresh and radiant complexion.
Unlike harsh chemical cleansers, cleansing milk will not leave your skin feeling tight or stretched after washing.
Through consistent use, skin looks brighter and healthier.
Some good milk-based cleansers to try: Lancome, Loreal

Double cleansing works well for some people.
For instance, the use of oil-based cleanser to remove all make-up followed by a gel cleanser
to remove all impurities and oil residue left on the face.
Or, you could have milk-based followed by a foam cleanser.
But never over-cleanse or there’ll be excessive moisture loss.

It’s good to keep different types of cleanser for yourself.
There could be times when you’re wearing heavier make-up and need a stronger cleanser.
And there’ll be times when you need a lighter cleanser when you’re not wearing any make-up at all.
Besides, at different time of the day or of the month, your skin will react differently.
This could be due to hormonal, lifestyle, diet ..etc changes….
So adapt to your skin needs! Keep exploring for a few great ones!

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