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Christmas Wish List

This Christmas, we’ve decided to put down our gears and head-sets to contribute more to the community. Never put off till tomorrow for what you can do today. So, start giving while we can….and remember every little bit adds up! Hence, in every purchase that you’ve made with us : 1. we’ll contribute 20% of […]

Women Empowered for Work and Life

In today’s world where pursuit of higher education, wealth and soaring to greater heights are rife, it’s hard to get an opportunity to meet up with very successful women in life, let alone sharing their personal experiences and passions in their journeys. It’s an honour to have an intimate time together, in conversation with these […]

Psst…quick fix tips…

“don’t say I never tell you hor”… Moisturize your hair instantly Slather moisturizing hair masque on damn hair. Bundle hair and cover up with a shower cap for 15 -20 minutes. Thereafter, rinse and towel dry. Apply some hair oil to your hair, blow dry and style it. Note: When your hair is moisturized and […]

Women’s Leadership and Social Impact

Wow!! Another impactful event with all power women!! It’s absolutely an awesome session to hear from some influential women from all walks of life the different perspectives and school of thoughts. These ladies definitely made an indelible impression!! Spearheading this forum include MP Foo Mee Har and MP Sun Xueling. Senior Minister of State Sim […]

Eye Bags

Eye Bags Eye bags refer to eye puffiness just beneath the eyes. What causes eye bags? Age This could be part of aging that contributes to the laxity of skin. Sagginess give rise to the eye bags. Heredity “By default”, you’ve inherited the genes and features from your family. Tiredness and sleepiness Fatigue and lack […]

Prominent Milia Seeds

Milia seeds are the little white/yellow bumps on your cheeks, chest, neck and below the eyes. Some call it oil seeds. They are harmless but unsightly at times. It occurs when dead skin cannot be removed from skin, giving rise to clogged pores followed by milia seeds. Sometimes it’s due to the use of a […]

What causes enlarged pores?

Unsightly big pores?…Here’s what you could do, read more to find out… What causes large pores? Typically, people with large pores tend to have oily skin as sebum, dead skin and dirt get clogged up in the pores. Or it could be part and parcel of the process of aging. As one age, the skin […]

Moment of truth…

Although there is no magic or miracle “cure” for having too small a breast size, there is one method – a rather unique one – that does have sound merit. It comes under the heading, “breast tissue expander,” which remains somewhat a mysterious title to most people who are seeking breast enlargement without surgery. Without […]

We are proud to be acknowledged!!

We are proud to be acknowledged!!  Beauty Science Inc is delighted to be connected with the power ladies in a constant course of breaking boundaries and challenging confines. It’s never been easy being an absolute multi-tasker (as a woman regardless of our roles as magnate, enterprise leader, employee, parent, spouse, home-maker,…etc) Quote: “THERE IS NO […]