Prominent Milia Seeds

Milia seeds are the little white/yellow bumps on your cheeks, chest, neck and below the eyes.
Some call it oil seeds.
They are harmless but unsightly at times.
It occurs when dead skin cannot be removed from skin, giving rise to clogged pores followed by milia seeds.
Sometimes it’s due to the use of a cream that’s too rich for your skin to take.
Some teeny weeny milia seeds do go away over time.
However, some are really hard to go and can only be removed through chemical peel.
Do not prick the milia seeds with a needle or it’ll leave unsightly scars.
Avoid using skin care products that are too rich for your skin.
Slough off dead skin regularly with a gentle exfoliant.
Consider topical retinol creams to get rid of milia seeds.
Consult an aesthetic doctor/dermatologist if you’re unclear what to do.

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