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Chic Clenz

Chic Clenz


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Free Gift: Exclusive face care tips and a drawstring bag

Chic Clenz is a gentle face cleansing brush device. It offers calm transdermal pulsations diffused through the smooth silicone sensational cleaning tips. The gentle and deep cleansing motion will efficiently remove dirt and blemish-causing impurities from the face significantly. This is less harsh than normal fibrous face brush bristle. It’s also more hygienic as conventional brush tends to retain bacteria when partially wet. Evidently, it outperforms some traditional ways to washing our face.

Chic Clenz has two controllable buttons to adjust for stronger or weaker pulsations base on your needs and comfort. The mild throbbing aids to unblock pores, smoothen and redefines your skin texture. Undoubtedly, through regular use, it lays the foundation to healthier, flawless and younger looking skin. It freshen up your look, showing a cleaner, brighter and livelier appearance.

Deeply cleansed skin enhances the readiness of your skin to absorb the benefits of your skincare products. So double up the power of your favourite skincare products and diminish the visible signs of aging. Start using Chic Clenz today!

Cleanse your way to a cleaner, clearer and brighter complexion with Chic Clenz! Chic Clenz improves the skin texture dramatically, giving you a beautiful and radiant look naturally!

Before & After:

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Skin Benefits:

  • deeply cleansed pores(through removal of dirt and make-up residue)
  • remove blemishes, pimples and acne
  • get rid of oiliness, especially on T-zone
  • clearer & brighter skin
  • smooth complexion
  • even out skin tone and skin texture
  • feel revitalized through pulsation massage
  • thoroughly cleansed skin(unclogged pores) enhance absorption of skin care products

Product Benefits:

  • waterproof
  • ergonomically designed for good grip (especially when soapy)
  • optimal design to drip dry and air dry
  • avoids bacteria trap, unlike conventional bristle brush when partially wet
  • adjustable pulsation pressure to suit comfort level
  • smooth silicone tips prevents harsh washing which contributes to dryness and wrinkles on face
  • USB cable charging port (no alkaline batteries needed)


  • pulsation massage

Time needed per treatment

  • 1-3 minutes

Package Contents:

  • 1 Chic Clenz silicone face cleansing brush device
  • USB power adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • user manual
  • Exclusive face care tips – Free!
  • A drawstring bag – Free!


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