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HotIce Facial Massager

HotIce Facial Massager

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Free Gift: Exclusive face care tips and a drawstring bag, with purchase of HotIce Facial Massager.

HotIce Facial Massager


HotIce Facial Massager, our groundbreaking skincare device that produces dual therapy action of heat and cold treatment in just a few seconds apart! With the touch of a button, HotIce Skin Massager is able to switch from heat treatment to cold treatment just as you need them.

HotIce Facial Massager warms up to temperature of 40°C to 45°C. The heat therapy effectively loosen the sebum, opens up pores, exposing remnants of cosmetics make-up and dirt to the skin surface. Heat receptors stimulate blood circulation beneath the skin, enhances cell renewal, heal and re-energise the skin while promoting a feeling of wellbeing. It regenerates collagen and elastin production and rapidly rejuvenates the skin condition. This results in discharging toxins, giving the skin a clearer complexion.

HotIce Facial Massager cools down to temperature of 5°C to 8°C. The cold therapy contracts facial muscles, shrinks and minimizes the pores, soothes irritation and calms inflammation of the skin. Cold receptors soften wrinkles and pores, ‘locks in’ and retains moisture to the facial cells. (This is absolutely remarkable when you have finished applying some moisturizing skincare products! ) It smoothens, refreshes and cools your skin whilst it strengthens the elasticity of the skin .

Switching from hot to cold treatments causes blood vessels to alternately dilate and constrict, resulting in an increased movement of fluids in the facial skin. This promotes the removal of toxins, reduced pigmentation and increased recovery of skin tone and texture.

HotIce Facial Massager creates a balanced and rejuvenating treatment through continually renewing and protecting your skin cells. It’s a versatile hot and cold beauty tool that can reduce tension with a simultaneous feeling of invigoration and relaxation! Consequently, you’ll effortlessly look fresher and younger whilst feeling revived seeing these improvements!

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Skin benefits:

  • promote blood circulation
  • instant skin rejuvenation
  • boost to skin radiance
  • tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles
  • lighten brown spots
  • ease tension and relieve tired eyes
  • minimize facial pores
  • calm and relax facial muscles
  • enhance absorption of skin care products


Product benefits:

  • hot to cold treatment at the switch of a button
  • fast way to reinvigorate skin
  • built-in rechargeable batteries
  • USB cable charging port (no alkaline batteries needed)
  • light and portable
  • easy to use




  • alternating temperature


Time needed per treatment:

  • 5-8 minutes


Package Contents:

  • 1 HotIce Facial Massager device
  • USB power adapter
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Exclusive face care tips – Free!
  • A drawstring bag – Free!




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