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Revival Sculpting Gel


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Revival Sculpting Gel is specially formulated for optimal performance with our beauty device therapies. Revival Sculpting Gel aids and accelerates the bonding between our beauty devices and the dermalogical skin. It acts as a conductive medium, to facilitate radio waves and micro-current throughput and flow with minimum interference. Revival Sculpting Gel offers superior transmission, clarity without odor or color, permitting the hand wand to glide easily over the treatment area.

It is crucial to use the Revival Sculpting Gel with our therapeutic device where it is clearly indicated. Performing facial treatments without Revival Sculpting Gel or with any other unsuitable products may potentially affect your safety. Revival Sculpting Gel is hypoallergenic (a decreased tendency to provoke an allergic reaction), suitable for all skin types and contains no harmful chemicals or dyes.

Revival Sculpting Gel will increase the efficacy of skin rejuvenation development ensuring the most effective treatment results. Apply Revival Sculpting Gel onto the first facial area of focus before each face rejuvenation cycle for maximum anti-aging results. When Revival Sculpting Gel is used with our beauty devices, there’ll be enhanced skin cell renewal, you’ll noticed an improved complexion giving you a radiant, youthful looking skin!


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Skin Benefits:

  • speed up skin cell renewal
  • improve skin tone & skin texture

Product Benefits:

  • hypoallergenic
  • clarity without odor & color
  • offers superior transmission (texture is not too thick or watery, just right)

Time needed per therapy:

  • depends on the treatment in consideration

Package Contents

  • Revival Sculpting Gel
  • A drawstring bag – Free !


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