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Blissful Bosom Duo

“The results were amazing! My boobs are firmer and much fuller. Definitely lifted breasts, toned and more! I would recommend Blissful Bosom Duo to anyone who is a skeptic, (like me). It will turn you into a believer.” ~ Mabel

Dynamic Derma

“I was very pleased with the results of my treatment. My skin feels soft and smooth and there are no dry patches. The results were better than I had expected. It was awesome!” ~ June

Intense Revival

“Intense Revival is unbelievable! It worked beautifully. Thank you much!” ~ Claire

Lumi Ion Light

“Hi! For those of you skeptics out there, it is really worth a try. This Lumi Ion Light has really helped me with the acne I’ve been battling since I was a teenager. I’m rather opposed to using harsh chemicals since my skin is sensitive and I end up breaking out even more, so this is a life saver! Although the price was a tad bit high for me, I’m really glad I made this purchase.” ~ Michelle

“I work for cosmetic brands and I’ve had the chance to try different products in order to clear my breakouts showing up on my chin which are mainly hormonal. I’ve tried everything and nothing really helped stopping the breakouts but this Lumi Ion Light clearly helped in improving my skin. I was very skeptical before but now I’m a true believer. It’s an investment but there is no price in order to get your confidence back on track ladies :)” ~ Lina

“After only two days of using the Lumi Ion Light I can already feel the difference. The product is easy to use. The appearance of my skin has already improved. I can feel the red light soothing the surface and even underneath my skin. I plan to keep using the product to see how much more my skin improves over the next few weeks.” ~ Rachel

Skin Rejuvenate Trios

“This was really a new-generation treatment. I had the Dynamic Derma and Skin Rejuvenate Trios (Lifting, Tightening, Anti wrinkle, Hydrating) and after having been experiencing problems with my skin during the past few weeks this has helped ‘turn the corner’. My sensitive skin looked radiant, felt smooth and hydrated, and what I like is that the results outlast 24hrs!” ~ Grace

Ultra Restore Cell

“The radio frequency energy works on the skin to dissolve the fat accumulated and disappear the stages of the cellulite. Ultra Restore Cell treatment is not painful and you can see results from the first session. You’ll love those beautiful legs.” ~ Faith

DepiTime Hair Removal

“DepiTime is absolutely amazing. It is so easy to use, pain-free, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and most important of all there’s no ingrown hair! Hair regrowth is now so much slower than before and hair removal is less frequent (which means less hassle)! I’m loving it! ” ~ Cheryl

Flora Nano-ionic Steamer

“The fastest way to warm up my face, open up the pores is to use Flora Nano-ionic Steamer. The constant steam evenly spreads all over my face in seconds. Impurities get purged out emerging to the skin surface whilst the steam keeps it moist. My face feels so refresh after use!” ~ Audrey

HotIce Facial Massager

“This is my bedtime buddy. I use it almost every night before going to sleep. Its battery is rechargeable and makes it so easy to use and carry around. My skin is sealed with full benefits/ nourishment from the skin care products that I use after finishing off with the cold therapy. I can see my skin getting brighter and more radiant, feel smoother from luxuriating in HotIce Facial Massager :)~Brendan