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Flora Nano-ionic Steamer

Flora Nano-ionic Steamer

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Free Gift: Exclusive face care tips and a drawstring bag, with purchase of Flora Nano-ionic Steamer.

Flora Nano-ionic Steamer gives you a facial sauna by opening the skin pores, releasing impurities and eliminating toxins from the pores. It deeply cleanses the skin when steam softens the plugs in pores, penetrates into the pores for easy removal of dirt and dead skin debris. This results in detoxification of the skin by removing any toxins built up in the skin. Also, it is equally beneficial in clearing nasal and sinus passages.

Flora Nano-ionic Steamer

Flora Nano-ionic Steamer revitalizes your whole face by banishing that lacklustre look and revives tired and dull skin. The warmth from the steam induces natural perspiration and stimulates the skin’s blood circulation. Steaming re-hydrates your skin and increase the moisture content of your skin.

Aging skin needs as much moisture as possible. As the years pass by, you’ll find your skin lose its glow and elasticity. This is primarily due to the fact that your skin cells replenish themselves less often. In your 20s, your facial cells slough off every 28 days or so. When you get to 40, that period is nearly doubled!

Besides, deeply cleansed, clear and unclogged pores promotes the absorption of skin nourishing products. So why not double-up the strength of your skin care products by boosting your skin cells first? Not only will it help to perk you up but it leaves you with super refresh and invigorated skin!

Rekindle the glow with Flora Nano-ionic Steamer!
Achieve a clear, healthy, silky-smooth and supple skin your face deserve!

Before & After:

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Skin Benefits:

Using Flora Nano-ionic Steamer regularly helps to

  • Opens up pores and aid breathing of skin cells
  • Lifts deeply-embedded impurities to the skin surface
  • ‘Steam’ away residual make-up and daily grime
  • ‘Re-hydrate skin when steam enters the pores
  • Enhance steam to penetrate deeply into the pores
  • Unclogged pores and prevent future breakouts
  • Rejuvenate outer layer of skin
  • Stimulate skin cells
  • Increase blood circulation in skin
  • Slough away dead cells
  • Improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Remove toxins in the skin

Product Benefits:

  • steamer auto power-off after 8 mins
  • deplete excess water through draining hole
  • water consumption through water level indicator
  • floral design complements your vanity table top as a vase display
  • quick therapy
  • easy to operate
  • portable


  • nano-ionic steam

Time needed per treatment:

  • 5-8 minutes

Package Contents:

  • 1 Flora Nano-ionic Steamer device
  • 1 water measuring cup
  • Power cable
  • User manual
  • Exclusive face care tips – Free!
  • A drawstring bag – Free!


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